Birkenhead Returned Services Association (RSA)
Joining the Birkenhead RSA

There are essentially three categories of membership at the Birkenhead RSA. These are:

  1. Returned / Service Members.
  2. Associate Members.
  3. Women's Section Members (see notes)

1. Returned / Service Members

Open to both Current or Ex Service Personnel of both New Zealand Forces or those from Commonwealth countries.

2. Associate Membership

Open to those who have no Service history.

3. Women's Section

Open to Wives / Widows or partners of current / ex Birkenhead RSA Service members. Please note this is a concessionary membership and members cannot vote at RSA AGM or elections.

The above is a guideline only and for more definitive information an applicant should contact the RSA if they require more precise details. The membership year runs from January-December and the current fees are:

Returned / Service
Under 65 years: $44   Over 65 years: $32   Over 80 years: $7 *
Associate Members
Single Member under 65 years: $62   Over 65 years: $50   Over 80 years: $7 *
Couples joining together under 65 years: $105   Over 65 years: $90   Over 80 years: $7 each *
Women's Section
Under 80 years: $12       Over 80 years: $7 *

* Over 80's $7 fee applicable after two years continuous membership of the Birkenhead RSA.

Forms are available to download and can then be sent in to the Birkenhead RSA:

PDF Document Application for Returned and Service Membership
PDF Document Application for Associate Membership
PDF Document Application for Women's Section Membership

To view these documents you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
If you don't already have Adobe Reader installed then you can download a free copy from the Adobe website.

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For more information on joining the Birkenhead RSA please call the club on 418-2424 or call at the office between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday - Friday.


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