Obverse: A silver badge consisting of 30 alternating short and long rays. Mounted on top of this is a gold circular badge consisting of a circle of fronds, in the top centre of which is a crown. In the centre of the fronds is a silver globe, superimposed on which is a gold map of Kuwait. Below the circular badge is a scroll on which are the words “LIBERATION OF KUWAIT” and above the circular badge are crossed swords, above which is a palm tree.

Reverse: Plain.

Size: 46mm across, 50mm top to bottom.

Ribbon: 37mm wide. A green centre on each side of which are 4mm white stripes, 2mm black stripes and 4mm red stripes.

Suspension: By means of a 15mm diameter ring attached to the top rear of the medal.

This medal was awarded by the government of Saudi Arabia to troops who took part in the liberation of Kuwait during the Gulf War between the 18th December, 1990, and the 12th March, 1991.