Obverse: The effigy of the Sovereign within the Royal Styles and Titles for New Zealand.

Reverse: The inscriptions “FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE” and “HE TOHU HIRANGA” within a wreath of fern fronds surmounted by a Royal Crown.

Size: 36mm in diameter and in silver.

Ribbon: The ribbon is crimson, 32 mm in width, having 3 central stripes of white, green, and white and 2 narrow yellow edge stripes.

Suspension: The ribbon passes through a ring, which in turn passes through a loop fixed to the top of the piece.

Instituted on 15 October 2013, this medal may be conferred for meritorious service by any employee of the New Zealand Defence Force, including civilian staff. The medal may be conferred posthumously. Any subsequent meritorious service is recognised by bars to the medal.

Royal Warrant For This Award:View Warrant (PDF document)

Regulations For This Award:View Regulations (PDF document)